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Refer a friend

What is the Refer a Friend program and how does it work?

Refer a Friend is a referral program to earn rewards for up to 15 friends you invite to send money with Western Union, and when they complete an online domestic or international transaction on the web or the app. To participate in it, you must:

  • Share the referral link with your friend (“Referee”) through social media or email.
  • Referee should create a profile on (U.S. site) or the Western Union app® (U.S. app) and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Referee must complete an online International or Domestic Western Union® Online Money Transfer on (U.S. site) or the Western Union® app (U.S. app) with a minimum send amount of USD 100 sent from the U.S. within 30 days of creating their account during the promotion period.
How will I be eligible for the Refer a Friend program?

To be eligible for the Refer a Friend program, you must:

  • Share your referral link provided through or the Western Union® app to your friends and make sure they complete all the required steps.
  • Make sure your friend does not already have a profile on or the Western Union® app.
How many friends can I send the referral link to?

You can send the referral link as many friends as you want – who are 18 years of age or older, but you will only receive a reward for the first 15 friends that complete all the requirements.

How will I receive my e-gift code?

You will receive the e-gift code via email.

When will I receive my e-gift code?

You will receive the e-gift code within 7 business days after all the requirements are completed.

Does my e-gift code expire?

The redemption of the Reward is governed by Amazon’s terms and conditions. See for more information.

How can I redeem my e-gift code?

You can use your e-gift code to purchase your favourite products at Restrictions apply, see for more information.

How can I share the referral link with my friends?

Western Union will provide you with a referral link which you can share with your friends via email or social media.

Can I redeem my rewards for cash?

No, you cannot redeem your rewards for cash or transfer it to someone else. It also cannot be bartered or sold.

What can I do if I haven’t received my reward?

The first step would be to confirm the below information:

  • Your friend has used your referral link.
  • All the requirements are completed.
  • It’s been at least 7 business days since all the requirements were completed.
  • Check your email account to confirm you haven’t received the e-gift code. Make sure that you check the junk/spam folder.

If you verified all the above and still haven’t received your reward, please contact us at 1-800-325-6000 or at our Customer Care Center.

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