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What’s a tracking number (MTCN Number)?

You receive a 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) on the receipt you get each time you send money via Western Union. This Western Union tracking number will allow you to check on the status of your money transfer.

Frequently asked questions about MTCN numbers

How do I use the Western Union tracking number (MTCN)?

A tracking number (MTCN) will be generated for every Western Union® transfer. Whether you’re sending internationally from wu.com to a bank account or sending across the country from an agent location to a friend or family member, it’s important to keep your MTCN tracking number safe. Do not share the MTCN tracking number or any other details about your transfer with anyone other than the intended receiver.

Both you and your receiver will use the MTCN. You will use the Western Union tracking number to check the status of the transfer. The receiver will use the MTCN number to pick up the transferred funds. You will also need the MTCN number if you need to contact Customer Care about a money transfer.

How do I track the status of the money transfer?

Visit WU.com and use your MTCN number at Track Transfer.

How does the receiver use the MTCN number?

You must provide your receiver with the unique Western Union tracking number once you make the money transfer and get your receipt. Your receiver will need to provide that MTCN number and a government-issued ID to the agent at the Western Union agent location.

Does the MTCN number make my transfer more secure?

Western Union is a reliable way to transfer funds worldwide. While the MTCN number helps verify that transferred funds are picked up by the intended receiver, it is not a security measure. To protect yourself, we suggest you visit our Consumer Protection Center to read about how to recognize and defend against common scams and frauds.