Online Security Center

At Western Union, we take protection of your personal information very seriously. That’s ‎why we require you to register on our site and go through several steps to validate your ‎identity. Unlike online retailers, at Western Union we’re dealing with cash and not just ‎merchandise. That’s why the first time you register with us we take a lot of steps to help ‎protect your hard-earned money. In subsequent visits, sending money is very fast ‎and convenient.‎

At first, it may seem like we’re asking for a lot of information, but rest assured, the process helps protect us both from fraudulent transactions. That ‎protection helps us keep our costs and fees down for online transactions. ‎We all pay for online fraud one way or another and the more steps we take to ‎confirm your identify, the more secure you can feel when sending money with our online ‎service.‎

We have many technologies that we use to help safeguard your personal information ‎including TLS (Transport Layer Security). The locked padlock you see in the browser window, often found to the right of the address bar, will tell you that we’re encrypting the information coming back and forth across our connection. Please note that the position of the padlock icon is browser dependent.

The technologies we use encrypt your personal ‎information such as user IDs, passwords, and credit card numbers over the internet when you are sending them to us. ‎Any information provided to you is encrypted en-route and decoded once it reaches ‎your browser to protect against malicious interception or alteration.

We invite you to read ‎through the pages of our Security Center for additional information that will help you use the internet ‎more safely.

Fraud Hotline

If you believe you may be a victim of fraud, call the Western Union Fraud Hotline number at:
1800 448 1492

Forward any suspicious
emails to:

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