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    For over 150 years, we have been helping people around the world send money, so you can rely on Western Union to help you move yours too.

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    All money transfers are encrypted when you use our services, and we work hard to prevent fraud.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How much money can I send to Italy?

    The amount of money you can send to Italy depends on the different payment and receiving methods you use. To transfer money to Italy using a credit2 or debit card to a bank account, the limit is 5,000 CAD.

    However, if you intend to pay via any of the following methods, the limit is 999 CAD:

    • By cash at an agent location to a bank account or for cash pickup.
    • Transferring money via a bank account to an account or for cash pickup.
    How do I transfer money to an Italian account?

    If you want to send money to an Italian bank account:

    1. Log in or register for a free profile and click ‘Send now’ to begin transferring your money online.
    2. Enter Italy as the destination and the amount you’d like to send. Transfer money to a bank account using a credit2 or debit card and the money could arrive with the receiver in minutes.
    3. Select ‘Bank account’ and choose your payment method. Then click ‘Continue’.
    4. Enter your receiver’s account details or choose to send money to a past receiver. You’ll need the receiver’s name, address, IBAN and bank name.
    5. Send the money by paying with your credit2 or debit card.
    6. You’ll receive an email confirming your money transfer. This will contain a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). Follow the progress of the money transfer and share the tracking number with the receiver.
    How do I send money to Italy from a Western Union agent location?
    1. Find a Western Union agent location near you by searching online.
    2. You’ll need to take your phone number and a valid government-issued ID to the counter, along with your receiver’s bank details and account information.
    3. Please note that before transferring money to Italy, proof of the source of your funds may be required. To help, please also bring a payslip, bank statement or tax return with you.
    4. Pay to transfer the money with cash or a credit2/debit card.
    5. Look for your Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) on your receipt. Share this tracking number with your receiver and you can both track the funds.

    It’s also possible to start a money transfer online or on the app and complete it at an agent location.

    How long does it take to send money to Italy from Canada?

    Depending on the method of payment and receipt, it can take minutes to send money to Italy from Canada.

    For a money transfer in minutes, you’ll need:

    • Payment to be via credit2 or debit card and receive method to be cash pickup.
    • Payment to be via cash and receive method to be cash pickup.
    • Payment to be via credit2 or debit card and receive method to be bank account.

    The below money transfers take up to 4 business days:

    • Payment via bank account and receive method is cash pickup.
    • Both payment and receive method are bank account.

    1 Agent location count effective as of December 31, 2021.

    2 If you’re using a credit card, a card-issuer cash advance fee and associated interest charges may apply. To avoid these fees or for reduced fees, use a debit card or check other payment methods.