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The Western Union® app isn’t your average money transfer app. It’s a tool that allows you not only to send funds reliably where and when you want, but also to track your transfers, estimate fees, quickly repeat transfers, find agent locations, and more. So you can now send money from high atop Mount Logan all the way down to your friends in Death Valley. Use our money transfer app at Cape St. Charles to send money to your family in the West Indies. Send money from Sydney, Nova Scotia, to Sydney, Australia. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s always open.

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Send money

The Western Union® mobile app lets you transfer to a bank account on the go.

Estimate fees

Quickly calculate the fees on your transfer.

Track transfers

This is the money transfer app that keeps you informed about your money transfer.

A money transfer app that lets you do it all

Send it fast

Save contact info for quick repeat sending.

Navigate easily

Streamlined design makes transfers easy.

Find locations

Search for the agent location nearest you.