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Receive Money

How can my receiver pick up the money?

Your receiver can pick up the money at any of our agent locations. They’ll simply need to show the following:

  • The tracking number (MTCN)
  • A valid identity proof
  • The amount to receive
How are money transfers paid out to receivers?

Generally, you can choose how your receiver will get the money. These are some of the common receive methods:

  • In cash at an agent location.
  • Online to their bank account, credit/debit card, or mobile wallet.

Please note: The receive method may vary, depending on your receiving country and the send method selected by you.

How long will it take for my money to reach my receiver?

It typically takes up to 1-2 business days after the transfer is processed, for the money to be ready for pickup at an agent location or to be credited to your receiver’s bank account or credit or debit card.

The duration may, however, vary depending on the receiving country and transfer amount.

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