Send money to Poland

If you've moved to the UK from Poland looking for work or to be with a loved one, but you've left family and friends back home, it's likely that you'll want to support them financially.

Or maybe you've met a life partner who lives in Poland and you want to send money to them until you can be together again.

Whatever your situation, we are here for you.

You may think that sending money to Poland is time-consuming, involves lots of complex forms and will see you having to fork out for costly transaction charges, but you'd be wrong.

We understand that with money transfer, there seem to be so many options, methods, and application forms that you don't end up even bothering. However, at Western Union, we don't believe that online money transfer should be tricky or time-consuming. And we don't think your unique circumstances should just be reduced to another customer number.

Money transfer with Western Union is quick, it's reliable and, best of all, it's simple


Send money to the Poland in minutes1

You might want to save a certain amount from your pay packet each month to send to your loved ones in Poland. But sometimes life happens and despite your efforts to make a thoughtful gesture, you need to transfer money straight away.

Our money in minutes1 service does what it says: it lets you send money in minutes1 to wherever in the world you need it to go.

You can do this via your bank card or online and the receiver’s able to pick up the cash minutes later from more than 7,900 Western Union agent locations2 in Poland.


UK to Poland bank-to-bank money transfers

Money transfer doesn't just have to be a short-term solution, it can help you to save over the long term, as well.

Bank-to-bank transfers allow you to send money from your bank account in the UK to a bank account in Poland. That means you can set up regular payments to provide constant support to your loved ones and help you stay connected despite the miles between you.

If you're planning to move to Poland one day, this is an ideal way to make sure you've got some cash waiting for you upon your arrival, so you can begin your new life straight away.


A fast, reliable, simple money transfer solution

We've been helping people stay connected with their loved ones through money transfer for the past 160 years.

Over that time, we've seen changes, but some things have stayed the same - our services are still fast, reliable, and simple.

Today, you can send money to loved ones for cash pickup at nearly 500,000 Western Union agent locations2 across the globe, log in online to make a transfer or send cash over the phone.

Register for free online today to begin sending money to Poland and start feeling closer to your loved ones, no matter how great the distance between you.


1 Funds may be delayed or services unavailable based on certain transaction conditions, including amount sent, destination country, currency availability, regulatory issues, identification requirements, differences in time zones, or selection of delayed options. Additional restrictions may apply. See online Terms & Conditions for details.

2 Network data as of 31 March 2015.