Frequently Asked Questions

Identity verification

Verify your identity

You’ll need to verify your identity to send 800 GBP or more. After your identity has been verified, you’ll be able to send up to 50000 GBP per transfer.

You can verify your identity in any of the following ways:

  • During an online transfer
  • Through video chat
During an online transfer

You just need to do the following:

  1. Log in to your profile and initiate a transfer of 800 GBP or more. If you don’t have a profile yet, create one on or our mobile app.
  2. Enter the required details and select
  3. Confirm your details on the Complete your profile page and select Continue.
  4. Provide additional identity information and select Continue.
  5. Choose a government-issued ID1 to upload, enter its details, and select Next.
  6. Review your transfer details and select Send.
  7. Upload the document and select Upload.
  8. Choose a proof of address and select Upload now.

We may take 30 minutes or more to verify your identity. If we need additional information, we’ll request you to send it to

1If you sent a transfer at a Western Union agent location before, please use the same government-issued ID that you used at the location.

Note: Before you upload a copy of your documents, be sure of the following:

  • Your picture, signature, birthdate, expiration date, and any other important information are clearly visible.
  • The information matches that on your Western Union profile.
  • Your documents are in PDF or JPG formats.
Through video chat

To initiate identity verification by video chat, please do the following:

  1. Log in to or go to our app.
  2. Select the Profile icon at the top right and choose Start verification now.
  3. Select Computer and webcam or Smartphone as the medium of video chat.
  4. Follow the instruction to complete the verification.


  • Please enable access to your camera and microphone before you start the video chat. Also, keep your documents ready.
  • We may take around 4 hours to verify your identity. Once your identity verification is successful, we’ll send you a confirmation email.


What are the acceptable documents for identity verification?

You can provide any one of the following:

  • Your passport
  • Your EU/EEA-issued ID
  • Your driving license
  • Your residence permit
  • Your emergency passport or travel document
  • Your asylum seeker residence permit
  • Your ship passport
What are the acceptable documents as proof of address?

You can provide any one of the following:

  • Your electricity bill
  • Your gas bill
  • Your phone bill
  • Your bank or credit card statement
Do we need more information from you?

If we need additional information from you, we’ll request you to send it to

Please note that the documents should be sent as PDFs or JPGs. Also, be sure your documents are clear and easy to read.

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