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Money transfers to China, 24/7

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Send money online to bank accounts in China from a 3 AUD fee1.

Transfer money to China, the way you like

Transfer money to China, the way you like

You can choose to send money directly to your receiver’s bank account
or for a cash pickup in minutes2 at a Western Union location.

You can choose to send money directly to your receiver’s bank account
or for a cash pickup in minutes2 at a Western Union location.

Bank account

Send directly to their bank
account in China.

Send money now

Cash pickup

Send to any of our 27,000+ agent
locations3 in China.

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How to send to a bank account in China?

  1. Log in and click on Send money now.

  2. Enter the money transfer details and choose Bank account as the payout method.

  3. Choose how you want to pay.

  4. Add receiver’s ID and bank details. Union Pay debit card account starts with 62.

    • For first-time receivers, a one-time setup is required. Here are two ways:

    • a. Receiver to call Western Union China’s hotline (+86 21 6866 4622) for ID verification prior to the money transfer.

    • b. Receiver to wait for Western Union Customer Care to contact him/her within 24 hours after you have completed the money transfer.

  5. Proceed to pay and complete the transfer. You will be issued a tracking number (MTCN) which you can use to  track your transfer.

Need to send money regularly?

Transfer money with greater ease. With the Western Union® app, you can send money anytime and on the go.

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Log in with ease.

Instant estimates

Check our fees and exchange rates1.

Easy to send

Resend in just a few taps.

Your contacts

Sync your phone contacts to fill out details quickly.

Pay by cash

Start on the app, pay cash in person.

Track transfer

See the status of all of your transfers at a glance.

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Just have a government-issued photo ID handy for verification.
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A few reasons to send money with us

A few reasons to send money with us

Money in minutes

The cash is ready for pickup at an agent location in just minutes2.

Transparent fees

Check transfer fees and exchange rates upfront.

Peace of mind

Track transfers with tracking numbers (MTCN).

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Need help?

Visit our FAQs or just get in touch. Our Customer Care is just a call away.

1800 173 833
+61 2923 19729 (If calling from overseas)

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1 Western Union also makes money from currency exchange. When choosing a money transmitter, carefully compare both transfer fees and exchange rates. Fees and foreign exchange rates may vary by brand, channel, and location based on a number of factors. Fees and rates subject to change without notice. Subject to applicable taxes (if any).

2 Funds may be delayed or services unavailable based on certain transaction conditions, including amount sent, destination country, currency availability, regulatory issues, identification requirements, required receiver action(s), agent location hours, differences in time zones, or selection of delayed options. Additional Restrictions may apply. See terms for details.

3 Network data as of 31 December 2018.