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Get rewarded with My WU®

Discover the benefits of the Western Union membership program. Earn points and save on transfer fees.

Sign up for My WU

How to register for the My WU® membership program?

To become a My WU member, you need to verify your ID online.

If your ID is already verified

Simply choose the My WU Rewards option from the WU.COM menu and sign up for the My WU program.
From now on you will be earning points when you transact on WU.COM or our mobile app using your account.

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If your ID is not yet verified

Start the ID verification process and on completion you can become a My WU member. This verification will also serve as a Western Union digital customer registration that allows you to send money with us online or via our app seamlessly.

Start verification process

How to earn and use your My WU points?

Step 1: Enter your My WU number

Use your My WU number with every Western Union® money transfer to collect points.

Step 2: Reward

Redeem your points for transfer fee discounts and other rewards with a few clicks.

Step 3: Enjoy your benefits

Done! Your discount will then be automatically applied to your next money transfer with Western Union.

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Use the Western Union® app to send money on the go

Make sure you update your app to use your My WU number when sending a money transfer and continue to collect points for future discounts.

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