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Verifying your identity in the UK

Verify your ID following our seamless identification process and increase send limits on your future transactions.

Why do I need to verify my identity?

At Western Union we put your safety first and strive to do all it takes to prevent fraud or any illegal activities.

ID verification is an important industry standard that we follow to allow you to freely and reliably transact with Western Union.

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Accepted forms of ID in the UK

  • Valid signed passport
  • Valid full driving license (EU)
  • Provisional driving license (UK only)
  • EU National Identity Card (non-UK)
  • EU Residency Card
  • Emergency/Temporary Passport
  • Emergency Travel Documents
  • Ships Passport

ID process at our agent locations

ID verification

To validate your identity, you are required to show your ID for any amount sent to destination.

ID scanning

The agent is required to scan your ID1 if you are sending £800+ or above. For amounts below £800, your ID can still be scanned with your consent.

ID recall

With your consent, we can store the scan of your ID so you do not have to bring it every time you send money.

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ID process online

You will be asked to verify your ID1 when you reach the limit of £800 sent at wu.com or via our mobile app.

If we cannot verify it using your profile information, we will request a proof of your ID via email.

Once verified, your send limit will increase.

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What our customers say about us

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I really trust this company. I love the Western Union app, it makes everything easier, literally I can send money transfers right from home, in my bed!

1 Please note that for regulatory reasons you may be required to have your ID scanned and may be required to provide additional information on the source of funds, purpose of your transaction and relationship to your counterparty, regardless of the amount or destination country. The only way to proceed with the transaction will be to provide the requested information.