How to Provide Your Identification

If you want to send more than 1.000 EUR within a 12-month period, we will need to verify your identity. Here is how it works:


1 - Request ID Letter

Choose Start verification in your profile overview. You can also choose I want to send money regularly on the review page of your money transfer to start the process.

We will mail you a letter with further instructions.

Follow the directions and fill out the enclosed confirmation form.



2 – Gather documents

Postident Coupon found in the letter we send you.

Passport or National Identification Card (driver’s license is not valid).


3 - Visit any post office in Germany

Take Postident Coupon to any German post office.

Present Postident Coupon and your ID to the postal clerk.

Clerk will capture identification data and present you with Postident form.

Sign form. Post office will forward completed form to us for free.


4 - Check ID status

Log in to your profile to check your identification status. It may take several days for verification. We will email you a confirmation.





You can always send money before the process is done by visiting a nearby agent location.

*Please send us a COPY of your identification, not the original. Keep the original in a safe place.