Identification process

We will need to verify your identity when you send more than 1000 EUR per transfer. Once your profile is verified, you will be able to send up to 5000 EUR per transfer. You can verify your identity through the following methods:

Updating your profile information online


Log in to your Western Union profile and initiate a transfer of more than 1000 EUR to start the ID verification process. If you don’t have a profile yet, create one on westernunion.com or the mobile app.

If you are already a mobile app user, make sure your app is up to date.


Confirm your detail:

– Save time by making sure your name indicated in the profile matches your ID document.

– If you have sent money at a Western Union location, please provide the same ID details used for the most recent retail transaction, so that you will be verified more quickly.

– You do not have to do anything while we verify the information in your profile.

– After your identity is verified, you will receive a confirmation email.

Do we need more information from you?

In case additional information is required we will request you to upload the corresponding documentation to the system or send it to us (as PDFs or JPGs) at accountnameverification@wu.com:

Save time by making sure your documents are clear and easy to read before sending them.

1. PHOTO ID – accepted documents:

  • Your copy must include the front and the back of your ID document.
  • Your photo ID document must be valid and complete.
  • The Information must match your Western Union profile.
  • Signature on ID document or signature page must be visible (if applicable).


EU/EEA ID card

EU/EEA ID card

German Permanent Residence Card

Emergency Travel Document

Travel document for foreigners

Swiss ID card

2. Video chat:


– Be sure to have your ID ready.

– Please select a well-lit, quiet place to confirm your identity. Ideally, you should be alone in the room.

– A good internet connection is needed and Wi-Fi is recommended.