I became a Western Union® Agent about 15 years ago. I realized at the time that the only way forward for my type of business was to offer extra services as the traditional confectionery, tobacco and newspaper business wasn’t going to bring enough footfall and revenue into the shop.
There have been a lot of new competitors coming into the market recently trying to tempt me, but they just don’t have the agency network and reliability that Western Union do.
What I like about it is a lot of the money people send from my shop helps the community back home... for farming... to buy crops... to get medicines for their relatives.

Mr Patel, Yogi Smurti Newsagents


We’ve been with Western Union® ever since they started their service in the UK in 1996. As a bureaux de change, money transfer was the perfect complement to our business as we deal in lots of different currencies and bank to bank transfers.
It’s the best way of receiving money and the best service. Other companies just do not have the large network or the quality of service - we can provide money to people in minutes, which is really important.
We have regular consumers who come in every month to send money back home or to pick up money. We also get a lot of tourists and students as well as our fair share of business from the large number of migrants who are working here in Britain.

Mr Azam, AMB Bureau de Change


My brother-in-law put me on to the idea of becoming a Western Union® Agent, so I have to thank him! I was a bit dubious about it at first, but when it was explained to me I realized there could be a lot of potential business in our area with such a large Afro-Caribbean community. What surprised us was the amount of new business we had from the start.
Business grew very quickly and after about three years we set up a separate counter so people didn’t have to queue up behind consumers collecting their prescriptions. Having a Western Union service also boosts our other business as people pick up their prescriptions at the same time, buy a few items or drop off their holiday photos for processing.

Mr Patel, Dobber Pharmacy