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Send money directly to a bank account** - quickly, conveniently, and reliably

Enjoy our great transfer fees when you send money overseas. Use our handy app, our site, or one of 5,500 agent locations in Germany***.

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Quick and convenient

When you register with us, you can transfer funds directly to the receiver’s bank account**.

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We can move money to billions of bank accounts**, so there’s no need to arrange a cash pickup location.

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Great transfer fees

Transfer fees start from €1.90*, so you can enjoy sending money for less. And you can check our fees and rates in an instant.

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Fast, easy repeat transfers

Want to send money to the same people again? Once you’ve added their bank account details, you can transfer money to them in just a few clicks.

All sorts of uses

Send money to family, friends, or even yourself. WU makes transferring money to a bank account** effortless.

Enjoy peace of mind

Sending money directly to a bank account** means you know it'll get there quickly and reliably. You'll also get notified by email when it arrives with your receiver.

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Use our app, on-the-go

Check our fees and exchange rates, instantly

Send money to bank accounts, 24/7

Track your transfers, at a glance

Save time by using the app to start cash transfers too

Pay with your credit card, bank account, or cash

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Make fast transfers on WU.com

Send money to bank accounts**, 24/7

Access the site on your browser, from any device

Pay with your debit card, credit card or bank account

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Send money with an agent

Send money to bank accounts fast, with the help of an agent

Walk in to an agent location near you - there are over 5,500 in Germany***

Complete our forms and pay with cash

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Enjoy the benefits of membership

Collect My WU® points with every transaction and earn great rewards.

Save on transfer fees*

Redeem your My WU points for transfer fee* discounts

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Donate to charity

Support education projects for children with your My WU points

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Get rewarded with My WU®

Save on transfer fees* with the My WU® program.

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