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Our app takes care of your remittance needs on the go. Download the app to send money 24/7 with just a few taps on your mobile.

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Save your receiver’s details for faster repeat transfers.

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Sync your phone contacts to fill out details quickly.

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Instant estimates

Check our fees and exchange rates1.

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See the status of your transfer at a glance.

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Pay in cash

Start on the app and pay cash in-store.

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Create your profile and send money for 0 HKD1

Send money for 0 HKD fee when you pay via Tap & Go wallet or a bank transfer.

Create your profile

Follow the steps in the app to create your profile with your email address and mobile number.

Add a receiver

Enter your receiver's details and the amount you wish to transfer.

Send money

Send money online from your mobile, 24/7!

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1 Western Union also makes money from currency exchange. When choosing a money transmitter, carefully compare both transfer fees and exchange rates. Fees, foreign exchange rates and taxes may vary by brand, channel, and location based on a number of factors. Fees and rates subject to change without notice.