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Company Information

Provider of Online Money Transfer
Service and Dedicated Locations:

Western Union International Bank GmbH
THE ICON VIENNA (Tower 24), Wiedner Gürtel 13, A-1100 Vienna
Tel: +43-1-506 17 100
Email: WUPSIL: germany.customer@westernunion.de - WUIB: office@westernunionbank.com

*For customer support please go to our contact us page.

Registered company office:
Vienna, Austria

Commercial registry number:
FN 256184t
Vienna Commercial Court

Sales tax identification number:
ATU 61347377

Authorised representative:
Managing directors:
Peter Bucher
Christian Hamberger
Sandra Simundza Bilandzic

Regulatory authority:
Austrian Financial Market Authority
Otto-Wagner-Platz 5
1090 Vienna, Austria