Need To Top Up Your Global Account?

Learn how to send money to your account in the United States with us.

Top Up your global account in 6 steps.


Get your global account information.

You can get the info in the app of your global account:

  • Full name of account owner.
  • Account bank name.
  • ABA/Routing number.
  • Number of your global account.
  • Bank address.

The way to find this information depends on the platform you use, but usually you can find them clicking on the “profile” session of the global account app, and then on “bank details”.


Start the transfer process.

Download the Western Union app or continue through the web and register for free with your personal information, your email and a valid password.


Select “Send money”.

Now start the transfer process by clicking “Send money”, select “United States” as destiny of your transfer and insert the amount in Brazilian Reals that you want to send.


Select “Bank transfer”.

To refill your global account, select “Bank account” as a receiving method and select “Pix or bank transfer” as a payment method, then select “Continue”.


Provide your account details.

Proceed to fill all the details of your global account.


Check the final fees and proceed to make the payment.

Check the fees, select “Send” and pay the total amount. You will receive a confirmation email and the MTCN number to track your transfer. Done!

How to top up your account

Click here to start your transfer

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