Receive Money


How to Pick Up a Money Transfer

It is easy to receive money in person, just go to any of our worldwide Agent locations. 

You can find an Agent location in a variety of places. Supermarkets, grocery stores, and check cashers, are just a few examples. In other countries, agent locations may be in banks, travel agencies, post offices, airports, and currency exchange offices. So, wherever you are there's probably an Agent location near you.




STEP 1: Visit an Agent location

Provide the Agent with the following information: 

  • The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) from your Sender's receipt is required.
  • Sender's first and last names.
  • City and country the money was sent from.
  • The amount that was sent.
  • Your first and last names, address, and telephone number.

STEP 2: Identify Yourself

  • Simply give the Agent your identification card.

STEP 3: Sign the Receipt

  • Review and sign the receipt that the Agent gives you.

STEP 4: Receive the Money

  • The Agent will give you the money that was sent to you with a copy of the receipt and you are on your way.