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Send Money

Western Union Money TransferSM Service

Send Money from an Agent Locator

When you need to send money fast, count on the Western Union Money TransferSM service. It’s a convenient and easy way to transfer money.

  • After approval, your money arrives in minutes.
  • Your receivers can pick up the money right away (depending on the hours their Agent location is open).
  • Send money around the world.

Send money anytime, anywhere from one of our thousands of Western Union Agent locations around the world

Restrictions and Special Notes

Sending from El Salvador:

  • Maximum principal send amount is 7,500 USD or local equivalent per transaction.
  • All send money transfers are subject to a 13% tax on charges.
  • Senders must provide valid identification.

Receiving in El Salvador:

  • Receivers must provide valid identification.
  • National identifications in this country have two last names (paternal and maternal). Receiver's name in a money transfer must match exactly the name in the receiver's identification.

General Information:

  • Free telephone notification is available upon request.
  • Test question is not available.