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FAQ / FAQ Send Money to a Mobile Device

FAQ Send Money to a Mobile Device

What is a mobile wallet?

A mobile wallet is an electronic account that’s linked to a person’s mobile phone number. It can be used to pay for goods, transportation, and utilities, as well as to pay bills and withdraw cash subject to the mobile wallet’s terms of use.

How do I send money to a mobile wallet?

You can send money online or from an agent location to your receiver’s mobile wallet—if the service is available in the destination country. You’ll be notified via SMS when the money is successfully delivered to your receiver’s wallet.

With a Western Union profile, you may send up to 4,000 NZD to a mobile wallet. Depending on the country, the limits may vary between mobile wallet providers.

Can I send money to any mobile wallet?

Mobile money transfers can only be sent to mobile wallets if the mobile phone operators work with Western Union. Check the availability here.

What exchange rates apply to mobile money transfers?

Exchange rates for mobile money transfers will be calculated, applied, and displayed when the money is sent, unless otherwise specified by local regulations.

What if I entered an incorrect mobile number?

You must enter the correct mobile phone number to ensure that the money is transferred to the intended receiver. If, however, you provided an incorrect number and there’s no mobile wallet enabled on that number, the funds will be returned to you.

What if my receiver lost their phone?

If your receiver’s mobile phone is lost or stolen, urge them to contact their wallet service provider immediately. They will help them freeze or suspend the mobile wallet account.

In what currency are receivers paid?

Mobile money transfers are paid in the local currency of the receiver’s country.

How will the receiver know when they have received funds in their mobile wallet?

Both the sender and receiver will get an SMS notification from their mobile service provider to confirm the money has been delivered, or to alert them of issues, if any.

Which countries can receive money via mobile wallets?

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