Frequently Asked Questions

Send money from a bank account

How can I send money from my bank account?

You can send money from your bank account with:

  • Faster Payments (WUPay)
  • Plaid

Faster Payments

With Faster Payments (WUPay), you can pay directly through online banking. Follow the payment instructions on your Western Union money transfer receipt.  You will have to log into your online bank account for each transfer.


With SOFORT, you will be first redirected to SOFORT Banking. Follow the instructions on the screen to pay for your transfer. Make sure to keep your online banking credentials ready to complete the payment.


With Plaid, you can link your bank account with Western Union and make quick transfers. After linking, you can instantly authenticate your payment through your bank.

What are the benefits of using Plaid with Western Union?
  • Instant money transfers directly from your bank account.
  • Quick repeat transfers when you send from a linked bank account.
  • Easy payment authentication.
  • Payment from all major banks.
How do I pay for my money transfer using Plaid?

Just link your bank account with your Western Union profile:

  1. Log into com or go to our mobile app.
  2. Go to Send money. Under Pay online, select Instant Bank transfer, and select
  3. Enter your receiver’s details and select Continue.
  4. Choose your bank1 from the drop-down menu and select Continue. You will be taken to the Plaid screen.
  5. Log into your bank account to complete the linking process.

You will be redirected back to Western Union. After your bank account is linked:

  1. Review your money transfer and select Accept.
  2. Review your transfer details on the Plaid pop-up and select Continue.
  3. Select Confirm payment on the Plaid screen to complete your payment.

1 The name on your bank account should match the name on your Western Union profile. You cannot link a business bank account.

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