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Family Remittances

You can send money to family members related by blood, marriage or adoption. The sender and the receiver don't need the same last name.

  • Children, stepchildren, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren
  • Parents, stepparents, grandparents, and great-grandparents
  • Spouses, brothers/sisters-in-law, spouses' parents and grandparents
  • Brothers/sisters, nephews/nieces
  • Uncles/aunts, cousins and second cousins

US residents who are 18 years or older may send money to family members without frequency or amount limits. Transactions to Cuba require you to complete an affidavit, answering several Cuba questions. You can answer these questions while you're with the Western Union agent.

Answers to these questions will help determine whether the transaction meets the compliance rules and can be completed.

Emigrations remittances

Pre-visa: Up to 1,000 USD may be sent before the receiver has obtained a US Department visa to help cover the receiver's preliminary emigration expenses.

Post-visa: After the receiver has obtained a US State Department visa, an additional 1,000 USD may be sent to help the receiver to emigrate from Cuba to the US. Often there are charges associated with emigration, such as plane tickets, exit payments, third-country taxes, and other trip-related charges.

Personal, non-family remittances

You may now send up to 2,000 USD per quarter to non-family members who are not forbidden members of the Cuban government or the Cuban Communist party.

You may send money to Cuba to support humanitarian projects, develop private businesses, and provide support for the Cuban people.

For details about these Office of Foreign Assets Controls (OFAC) organizations and applicable restrictions, .