6 ways to meet new people in a new city as an expat

Global Citizen By Christine Wardlaw Mar 12, 2018

By Catherine Belandres, Western Union employee

Want to start a new life in different country? Move to a new city, but don’t know how to start? Why don’t we start with meeting new people?

Moving to a new country is a mixture of excitement and fear. The beginning is always the hardest. Here are few tips that can help you meet new people!

Find your community
Before you move, research expat groups from the city or province you’re moving to, via the Internet or social media. This is a great way to meet new friends. It’s always greet to see your fellow countrymen in different place.

Start with your hobby
What’s your hobby? If you’re a biker, photographer or hiker, there’s always an interest group for that, especially with social media. Join their group and start by attending monthly activities. There’s nothing better than making new friends while enjoying an activity you love!

Learn new things
Learning something new things is fun. Learning new things while meeting new people is more fun! Whether it’s a new language or crochet or photography, there’s always room for learning and a class is often a great place to meet people.

Keep your eyes peeled for ways to help out in your new city. Volunteering canhelp you meet new people and make an impact to your new city. It may only be a day of volunteering, but you’re guaranteed to meet new people, and the fulfillment is worth it!

Showcase your pet
Let your furry friend be an asset in your new community! If you don’t have a canine or feline companion, consider rescuing or adopting. This is as good as a “hello” from strangers when you’re on your morning walk or simply out to run an errand. Most people cannot resist smiling when seeing your four-legged friend and petting them. It’s almost an automatic way of meeting new people. Pets will also help you with homesickness and they make a great companion to exploring your new cit with.

Join the fun
New city, new people, new culture and new traditions. City organizations always announce when there’s a parade, festivals, fun run or various activities for a cause such as biking and walking. Sign up and join the fun! Meet new people while having fun and getting the taste of belongingness to your new country.

This is how I met new people who have turned out to be great friends. Before you move, it’s fascinating to learn the basic language if you’re moving to a non-English speaking country. It gives you more confidence when you talk and meet locals. Often times, language can be barrier when meeting new people. And always remember you’re just an “¡Hola!” away from the next great person you’ll meet!