How to send money from your bank account?
Western Union NL

There are two options, if you want to send money directly from your bank account:

1.) Pay with your bank account

- You will get a receipt with the payment details.

- Go to your bank’s website, start the bank transfer, and confirm the payment.  

- Your money will be available, once we receive your payment. 



2.) Pay with iDEAL

If you need money to be there in minutes, you can choose iDEAL as your payment method. You’ll securely be redirected to the website of iDEAL, where you pay with your regular online banking information. Please have your online banking details at hand.

Important things to know:

Online credentials

You’ll be asked to log-in on the iDEAL website, and not on your bank’s website. 

Name matching

European regulations require that the name in your Western Union profile matches the name on your bank account (e.g. John Doe ≠ Jane Doe). Otherwise we need to reject your payment. We will therefore be unable to accept payments from business accounts.