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Send money from
the Marshall Islands

Choose how you’ll send money from the Marshall Islands

In person

Walk in to send money

1. Visit a Western Union agent location
- Walk into our agent location at Robert Reimers Enterprises Inc., 1 Uliga, Majuro, Marshall Islands, 96960.

2. Share your details
- Provide the agent with your full name and a valid government-issued ID such as your passport, Marshall Islands-issued driver's license, or national identification card.

3. Share your receiver’s details
- Provide the agent with your receiver’s full name, the destination country, and the exact amount you wish to send.
- Choose the payout method: cash or direct to bank.
- If you’re sending to a bank account, you will need your receiver’s bank name, code, and account number 1.

4. Pay and send
- Pay for your transfer in cash.
- You’ll get a confirmation SMS with the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) on your registered mobile number. Use it to track your transfer and share it with your receiver only.

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Why transfer money with us?

Send money from the Marshall Islands with us and enjoy all the benefits we have to offer.

Peace of mind

Keep track of money transfers with tracking numbers (MTCN).


Send money around the corner or around the world.


We’ve been moving money for over 145 years.

1 Please use care when providing bank account information. Funds will be paid into the bank account corresponding to the account number you provide. The receiver's account must be a local currency payout account.