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Keep informed and stay protected. The more information you have, the better you can shield yourself against criminals. Report fraud, stay updated on the latest scams, and learn how to detect con artists with the resources offered through these websites.

An Garda Síochána  | visit site

The Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation (GBFI) is a specialist bureau that investigates fraud-related crime involving complex issues of criminal law or procedure. The Bureau investigates serious and complex cases of commercial fraud, cheque and payment card fraud, counterfeit currency, money laundering, computer crime and breaches of the Companies Acts and the Competition Act. 

National Consumer Agency| visit site

The National Consumer Agency (NCA) is a statutory body established by the Irish Government in May 2007 to enforce consumer law and promote consumer rights. We represent the voice of the consumer, defending consumer interests at the highest levels of national and local decision-making. We provide you with information about your consumer rights and personal finance. We help you to manage your money, with useful tools and information to help you get the most from your money and help you make smart decisions.

Consumers Association of Ireland| visit site

The Consumers Association of Ireland promotes action to safeguard the interests  of consumers, ensuring that those who make decisions which will affect the consumer can have a balanced and authoritative view of the interests of consumers before them. Provides legal protection for consumers against false or misleading claims about goods, services or prices. 

Make it Secure | visit site

Provides information on online risks and fraud, tips to avoid online scams and other dangers, and information on how to help protect children and family from online dangers. 

OnGuard Online | visit site

The federal government established to educate consumers about scams and responsible online behavior, to help you and your kids be safe online. In addition to providing tips and information, they list the websites of government agencies and other organizations where you can file complaints about frauds and scams.


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