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Send money


Western Union does much more than send money. We help people connect with their loved ones all over the world every day, and we offer a quick, reliable, and convenient way to move money.

You can always count on Western Union whenever you need to send money quickly. The recipient will be able to collect the money in any affiliated agency in the world. In general, the money will be available for collection in minutes.*.

In certain countries, the money may be deposited directly into the recipient's bank account. For more detailed information on requirements and destination countries authorized to receive bank accounts deposits, you may call the customer service number for Western Union in Argentina: 0-800-800-3030.

* In general, the funds will be available in minutes, subject to the terms and conditions of our service, including the location of the agency, the business hours, and the time difference.

Restrictions and special comments


  • The maximum transfer amount per person, per month, is 239.000 Argentine pesos.


If you have questions, you may call the customer service number for Western Union in Argentina: 0800-800-3030