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Send Money


Western Union does much more than just send money. Every day, we help people connect with their loved ones all over the world, offering them a fast, trustworthy and convenient way to transfer money.


Count on Western Union when you need to send money fast. Your Receiver can pick up the money at any participating agent location worldwide. Your money is generally available for pickup within minutes. *

* Funds generally available in minutes are subject to the terms and conditions of our service, including the agent location operating hours and differences in time zones.

If you have any questions you can reach out to the Western Union customer care number in Argentina at:


Restrictions and special notes


Sending from Argentina:

  • Senders must present a valid Government-issued ID and a it’s photocopy, along with a tax identification number (CUIL/CUIT/CDI) if they’re Argentinian citizens.
  • All transfers sent from Argentina should be for family support.

For more detailed information about the maximum sending amount and the possible destination countries, please call: 0800-800-3030.


How to send money from an agent location:

1. Visit a Western Union® agent location

2. Share with the agent the following information:

  • Your receiver’s full name, address, and ID number.
  • The country you are sending money to.
  • The amount you want to send.

3. Give your Government-issued ID and it’s photocopy to the agent, along with your tax identification number (CUIL/CUIT/CDI) if you’re an Argentinian citizen.

4. Give the amount you want to send plus the service fee to the agent.

5. Ask for your receipt and remember to check that all the information is correct. Don’t forget to give your receiver the money transfer control number (MTCN) that is shown on it, he or she will need it to pick up the money.