Benefits of Becoming an Agent

The Western Union value proposition

  • Generate revenue through a commission earned on every transaction, sent or received, from your retail location(s).
  • Attract new customers by offering Western Union money transfer services.
  • Increase your footfall and revenues by leveraging cross-selling opportunities.
  • Enhance your customer relationships by offering them more convenience.
  • Strengthen your competitive position.

Our studies show that offering Western Union money transfer services increases cross-selling opportunities as well as shopping frequency. We also know that Western Union consumers are frequent, committed and loyal, with 77% of consumers transferring money between once a week and once a month whilst over 65% of these consumers always use the same agent to make their transaction.

Additional benefits

  • No investment or annual fees involved; all you need is a computer, an Internet connection and a printer1
  • Free marketing and sales starter packs for your retail location(s)
  • Training and money transfer software updates (free of charge)
  • 24h customer service support
  • Best-in-class compliance program

1 Depending on your country of residence