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Send Money from an agent location

You are responsible for notifying the receiver that a money transfer is available for pick up.

When you need to send money fast, count on Western Union® Money Transfer Service. It’s a convenient, reliable and easy way to send up to $3000.00 per person per day
  • After approval, your money arrives in minutes.1
  • After you completed the money transfer at the agent location, the receiver can pick up the money right away (depending on the hours their agent location is open)
  • Send money around the world.
To send money from an agent location in Pakistan, you must be present in-person and you must provide:
  • Your original and valid government-issued photo ID (CNIC, NICOP, Passport)
  • Your full name as it appears on your photo ID
  • Your occupation
  • The receiver’s full name
  • The receiver’s address (where applicable)
  • The relationship with the receiver
  • The purpose of the transaction
  • The receiver’s bank account details (if sending money to a bank account)
  • Additional information if required by the agent
The agent will give you the terms & conditions, and disclaimers for your review, and two receipts:
  • You retain the receipt with the agent’s stamp and signature for your record.
  • The agent keeps the receipt with your signature and a copy of the photo ID you provided during the money transfer.

Restrictions and Special Notes

Sending from Pakistan

  • Maximum principal send amount is $3,000 US dollars or local equivalent per person, per day.
  • Commercial or trade related send money transfers are not permitted. Only personal transfers are allowed.

To send money, please visit of the following agents in Pakistan:

AgentContact Details
AA Exchange Company Pvt Ltd+92 51 080071700
Dollar East Exchange Company Pvt Ltd+92 3 111 22 156
Fairdeal Exchange Co Pvt Ltd+92 51 2342480-84
Habib Qatar International Exchange Pakistan Pvt Ltd+92 21 32215862-3
Link International Exchange Co Private Limited0800 78610
Muhammadi Exchange Company Pvt Limited+92 336 6320632
NBP Exchange Company Limited+92 21 99212908
Pakistan Currency Exchange Company Pvt Ltd+92 21 111 242 242
Paragon Exchange Private Limited+92 42 366 10101-06
Ravi Exchange Company Pvt Ltd+92 42 080036739
Sadiq Exchange Company Pvt Ltd+92 42 35781108
Sky Exchange Company Pvt Ltd+92 51 5564469
Wall Street Exchange Company Private Limited0800 78655/65
ZeeQue Exchange Pvt Limited0800 98687

1 Funds may be delayed or services unavailable based on certain transaction conditions, including amount sent, destination country, currency availability, regulatory and foreign exchange issues, required receiver action(s), identification requirements, Agent location hours, differences in time zones, or selection of delayed options. Additional restrictions may apply. See Send Form for details.