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Flexibility to change the way you receive money.

Even though situations can change, it’s important that everyone still receives their money. That’s why
Western Union® makes it possible to change the way you receive your money. Just follow the steps below.

Cash to Bank Account2

  1. Select ‘Update delivery method’ menu on and enter your tracking number (MTCN).

  2. Fill in your information and bank account details3.

  3. Share the link with your sender to complete the transfer. Your sender must confirm the change in the delivery method.

To pick up money, please visit one of the following agents in Pakistan

Pakistan Post office+92 51 111111117
Faysal Bank Limited+92 21 111747747
Dubai Islamic Bank+92 21 35368762
Summit Bank Limited+92 21 32468400-10
United Bank Limited+92 21 111825111
National Bank of Pakistan+92 21 99220100
JS Bank Limited+92 21 111572265
Meezan Bank Limited+92 21 38103500
Silk Bank Limited+92 21 111007455
Bank of Khyber+92 91 111959595
Al Baraka Bank+92 21 34315851
Bank of Punjab+92 42 111200100
Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited+92 51 111303030
Askari Bank Limited+92 51 111000787
Mobilink Micro Finance Bank+92 51 281707077
Sindh Bank Limited+92 21 111333225
Fairdeal Exchange Company+92 51 234248084
Pakistan Currency Exchange+92 21 111242242
Link Exchange Company+92 42 111546511
Ravi Exchange Company+92 42 080036739
Paragon Exchange Company+92 42 36315140-6
NBP Exchange Company+92 21 32621122
Habib Qatar Exchange+92 21 34538336
AA Exchange Company+92 51 080071700
Sadiq Exchange Company+92 42 0800-732-22
Dollar East Exchange+92 3 111 222 156

Restrictions and Special Notes

Receiving in Pakistan

  • Receiver must present correct Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and valid identification.
  • Receivers under 18 years old (MINORS AGE IN PAKISTAN) are not allowed to collect money.

1 Please use care when providing bank account information. Funds will be paid into the bank account corresponding to the account number you provide. The receiver’s account must be a local currency payout account.

2 Valid only for or Western Union® app transactions sent from United States, Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany.

3 Please make sure that the receiver’s name accurately matches with the name provided on the transaction and with the details of the bank account owner. (Account details may vary by country.)