Register and send money with Western Union Mexico!

Learn how to register and send your first money transfer with our app by following these simple steps.

Follow carefully the steps below to register and send money from the app



1. Download the Western Union® app.

2. To register, enter the following information:
• First name
• Last name
• Email address

3. Create your password.



Send your first transfer

1. Select the destination country for your transfer.

2. Select destination country

3. Enter the transfer amount and currency.

4. Choose the delivery method for your transfer:
• Cash pickup
• Bank deposit

5. Enter your receiver’s details:
• Name
• Last name
• Relationship to receiver
• ID number (optional)
• Email
• Mobile number
• Date of birth {DD/MM/YYYY} (optional)
• Country of birth (optional)
• City
• State
• ZIP Code

6. Provide your receiver’s banking information.
• Bank name
• Account type
• 9-digit routing number
• Account number
• Confirm account number
• Purpose for transfer


Complete your ID verification

  1. Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Take front and back pictures of your INE/IFE government-issued ID.
  3. Complete your profile with missing information:
    • Mobile number
    • Street address
    • City
    • State
    • Postal Code
    • Country of birth
    • Gender
    • Nationality
    • Occupation
    • Employment level (optional)
  4. Follow the instructions to take your verification selfie.
  5. Wait for the verification process to complete.
  6.  Take or upload a picture of your proof of address.
  7.  Verify your mobile number or email address.

Complete your transfer

1. Add a payment method:
• Card number
• Expiration date {MM/YYYY}

2. Share your tracking number (MTCN) with your receiver.

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