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How do I receive money in Kazakhstan?

To pick up your transfer in cash, you simply need to go to a nearby agent location and provide your transfer details at the counter.

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Find a Western Union agent location near you using our agent locator.

Provide transfer details

Specify transfer details (sender’s name, country, amount sent, MTCN) and show the agent your government-issued photo ID.

Get your money

The money, together with your receipt, will be available right after your details have been confirmed.

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Peace of mind every time

Know where your money is at all times with our handy transfer tracking service. All you need to do is enter your Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and you’re set!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What documents can I use to pick up money in Kazakhstan?

You need to present an official government-issued ID or a valid passport issued in Kazakhstan
to pick up your transfer at a Western Union agent location.
Acceptable IDs are subject to the Banking laws and regulations of Kazakhstan.

How much does it cost to receive money?

All fees are paid by the sender. Receiving money is free of charge.

What is a money transfer control number (MTCN)?

It's a unique number assigned to your transfer.
You will need this number when you go to pick up your money and also to track your transfer.

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Visit our FAQ section or contact us through our customer help line.

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