Western Union and Française Des Jeux give customers the option to combine digital and retail for their money transfers

WU Partners By Cecilia Hendrix Oct 16, 2018


The service is made for customers wishing to initiate their money transfers at their own time and convenience via a smartphone app and then entrust the final payment of funds in person at retail. This solution bridges the physical and digital worlds as customers worldwide increasingly adopt technology but still enjoy a human interface when moving money.

As the centerpiece of Western Union’s omnichannel vision, the Western Union app, one of the industry’s most widely used international money transfer apps, is increasingly the primary touchpoint for customers with more than 70 percent of wu.com transactions initiated on a mobile device globally.


Established in France in 1993, Western Union has now over 10,000 locations* across the country. According to World Bank figures France is the 7th largest remittance sending country globally with an estimated USD 22B transferred from France to the world each year.

*As of June 30, 2018