Save While You Travel

Getting Around By Christine Wardlaw Feb 20, 2018

By Catherine Belandres, Western Union employee

Money is notably one of the most important things to consider when traveling. Saving money for travel while paying your bills at home can be tough. But travel does not need to be expensive. You can travel on a low budget. Here are tips to make your dollar stretch while you travel!

  • Walk

Need to save money on transportation? Walking will save you money and allow you to see the country’s best spots at a slower and more enjoyable pace. It’s also great exercise.

  • Stay in a Hostel or Camping Ground

Skip the hotel! You can travel on a budget by staying in a local hostel to cut costs. In some places, you can pitch your tent for free. Considering that accommodations take the most out of your travel budget, this is not only a great way to save money on lodging, but also a fun experience while traveling!

  • Travel at night

If you’re traveling to another side of the country, particularly big countries like Chile, travel overnight by public bus. This saves you money for a night accommodation and public buses are cheaper compared to domestic flights.

  • Cook your own meals or eat street foods

Cooking your own meal is cheaper than eating out with friends. Some foods can be very expensive, especially near touristy areas. Street foods are affordable and quick! Experience more of the culture by having locals prepare and cook your food in front of you.

  • Find free or cheap activities

Some countries have free walking tours ( You will travel by group, guided by local volunteers and tipping is optional. Instead of paying for private daily tours, save your money by putting together your own itinerary. You can walk to public libraries, museums, local parks or beaches.

  • Skip that extra cup of coffee or glass of wine

It’s better to spend money on other travel experience and not wasting it on booze then nursing a hangover the following day. Instead of buying a cup of coffee for a day, why not buy a cheap souvenir?

  • Travel during slower seasons

You’ll find that airfare and public transportation may be lower different times of year. Do your research and find out when the slower seasons are for the country you’re traveling to. Less tourists, cheaper hostels and activities, are great deals when you have a flexible travel schedule.

  • Use cash on the go

Using cash gives you more control and visibility of your travel budget. You can split your daily budget and stick to it. Using credit cards can make it more expensive because of the bank fees and exchange rates from the country you’re traveling. Keep an eye on what you’re spending and use cash!

All in all, money should not hinder you from traveling and experiencing new things while exploring your destination. Good luck!