Recognizing Immigrant Heritage Month & World Refugee Day

Giving By Emily Larson June 2, 2019

This month, Western Union and the Western Union Foundation stand in recognition of Immigrant Heritage Month, a time to celebrate diversity and immigrant heritage in the United States, and the global observance of World Refugee Day (June 20).

Each week, we will highlight inspirational stories of resilience and progress from Western Union Foundation NGO Partners and Western Union employees from across the world.

Learn more about our work with Upwardly Global.

Learn more about employees supporting refugees with Global Refuge.

Learn more about how we are developing strong communities for refugees with the International Rescue Committee.

Learn more about the new research on increasing refugees’ ability to work.

Read about how Western Union celebrates diversity with its employees.

The Western Union Foundation along with Western Union, its customers, employees and Agents are proud of the difference that we can make, supporting the dreams and opportunities of migrants and those who are displaced, those who have a desire to succeed but need assistance along the way.

In recognition of Immigrant Heritage Month, Western Union and the Western Union Foundation have committed  USD $100,000 in funding to the American Red Cross’ Restoring Family Links program. The program is helping to reconnect families who have been separated internationally as a result of conflict, disaster, migration or other humanitarian emergencies. To learn more about how the American Red Cross is supporting migrants, visit the website.

Western Union and the Western Union Foundation have a long history of supporting organizations and issues related to migration, refugees, and humanitarian crisis. To learn more about the Western Union Foundation’s work, visit the 2018 Impact Report.