Western Union Provides Support to Countries Severely Impacted by COVID-19

COVID-19 By Lauren Armstrong May 27, 2021

At Western Union, since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, we have innovated with inclusion. Being a purpose-driven global company that serves communities worldwide means we take proactive steps to care for vulnerable communities in difficult times.

The pandemic is not over. In a number of developed countries, the crisis seems to be abating, but, in much of the developing world, COVID-19 is still taking a massive toll on lives and livelihoods. As a great number of countries around the world grapple with the enduring effects of COVID-19, Western Union has been providing essential support to aid in economic relief for communities that need it the most.

As part of this effort to further support communities in developing countries that have been severely impacted by the pandemic, Western Union is now offering zero-fee[1] international money transfers as reflected below:

From To Valid Until
WU digital services from U.S.; direct to account payout Philippines May 29, 2021
WU digital services from Singapore; direct to account payout Philippines June 16, 2021
WU digital services from Europe, CIS, Africa; direct to account payout Philippines June 17, 2021
WU digital services from U.S., Europe, CIS, Australia, New Zealand; direct to account payout India June 4, 2021
WU digital services from U.S., Canada; direct to account and cash payout India June 4, 2021
WU digital services from

Singapore, Malaysia; direct to account payout

India June 5, 2021


To receive the offers, customers may use Western Union’s global network of channels including WU.com in 75+ countries, and the Western Union app (where available), or our retail service in over 200 countries and territories. For more information on how to send money online, please visit WU.com.

At Western Union, our purpose is to connect people and businesses wherever they are in the world, so they can send and receive vital support. We are one of the few financial institutions that bridge the digital and physical worlds through a global platform that enables consumers and businesses to send money and make payments to almost every country in the world. With the pandemic continuing and new hotspots rising across the world, Western Union will pivot its zero-fee offering to serve countries and communities that are most in need. Please continue to visit this blog for the latest in COVID-19 related zero-fee news.

To address some of the more pressing challenges in the early days of the COVID crisis, we began piloting several innovative initiatives to ensure that customers who were unaccustomed or unable to use digital transfers could still send and receive money:

  • Home delivery of money transfers in cash in select markets, including Colombia, Jordan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka to support those customers who could not leave their homes.
  • A “digital location” concierge service in certain countries, which offered personalized phone or video support to help customers make digital money transfers from the comfort and safety of their homes.
  • Rollout of our westernunion.com service in five additional countries.
  • We worked with retail, big and small, to stay open and with governments to smooth customer verification.

[1] Western Union makes money from currency exchange. When choosing a money transmitter, carefully compare both transfer fees and exchange rates. Fees, foreign exchange rates, and taxes may vary by brand, channel, and location-based on several factors. Fees and rates subject to change without notice.