What is the currency in Argentina? Currency and Payment

France By Western Union May 8, 2024

If you go to Argentina you’ll use the Argentine peso, the official Argentine currency, for all your transactions. Whether it’s about the form that currency in Argentina takes (coins and banknotes) or how it is used (payment methods, withdrawals, exchanges), properly educating yourself about these things ensures a worry-free trip.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about currency in Argentina so that you can travel with complete confidence.

What is the official currency in Argentina?

The official currency of Argentina is the convertible Argentine peso, which is issued by the country’s central bank — the Banco Central de la República Argentina:

  • Its symbol is “$” or “$Ar,”
  • Its abbreviation is ARS (new Argentine peso),
  • 1 euro is worth around 928.6 pesos,
  • Each peso can be divided into 100 centavos (cents).

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What are the coins and banknotes in Argentine currency?

Argentine currency consists of various coins and banknotes, ranging from 5 centavos to 2000 Argentine pesos:

  • Argentine coins: 5, 10, 25 and 50 centavos and 1, 2, 5 and 10 pesos.
  • Argentine banknotes: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 pesos.

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How can you pay in Argentina?

There are two main means of payment in Argentina: cash and bank card (debit or credit). Because the economic situation in the country is sometimes unstable, where possible it’s better to make everyday purchases in cash, the simplest means of payment, and to pay by bank card in tourist areas.

Let’s go over the details of these different payment methods:

  • Cash: The vast majority of payments in Argentina are made in cash, and this is the easiest and most convenient means of payment, especially outside major cities. What’s more, paying for your purchases with Argentine currency sometimes means you can get discounts, especially if you haggle.
  • Bank card (credit or debit): Payment by bank card is widely accepted in major cities and tourist areas, making it a very convenient payment method. However, paying by bank card is not recommended for everyday transactions — each one will be charged at the official low rate of the Argentine currency, and there’ll be a bank fee and, often, a supplement of 5% to 15% (called “recargo“). Some businesses also refuse foreign cards, and connecting to the bank terminal can be difficult.

So, to avoid accumulating fees and charges and to stick to your budget, it’s better to pay as often as possible in Argentine currency and only use a bank card for large expenses with major chains.

Can you pay in euro in Argentina?

Yes, you can pay in euro in Argentina, particularly at hotels, if you don’t have any Argentine currency. However, if you don’t have Argentine pesos, it’s better to pay in dollars. A lot of stores accept them in major cities and you’ll get a better exchange rate than for the euro.

While it may be beneficial to keep euro banknotes with you, it’s always best to pay in Argentine pesos (or dollars if need be) to avoid an overly unfavorable exchange rate.

Where can you exchange money in Argentina?

Due to new government rules, it’s recommended to exchange your money in Argentina at a foreign exchange counter, or at a Western Union agent location, which are the only authorized places for exchanging euro to Argentine currency. There is also a very popular alternative foreign exchange market that allows you to get Argentine pesos at a better rate known as the “blue rate.”

To combat currency deregulation in Argentina, only foreign exchange companies such as Western Union are authorized to exchange banknotes. As a result, banks are now refusing to exchange money for individuals who are not customers. However, don’t change your money at the airport, as the rates can be very unfavorable.

You can also change your euro to Argentine currency before your trip by contacting your bank. However, pay attention to the rate offered and the delivery times.

As a general rule, do not exchange all your euro at the same time. Argentine currency fluctuates enormously, so it’s best to exchange your money as and when you need to, and take advantage of a more favorable rate.

What is the blue rate in Argentina?

The blue rate is the unofficial exchange rate for the Argentine peso for exchanges made on the street through a street exchanger (known as an “arbolito“). Although considered illegal, the Argentine blue rate is widely used by locals and tourists alike to exchange euro or dollars, often at a better rate.

However, to stay within the law and get the best rates, you can exchange your money with Western Union. We offer rates close to the blue rate, giving you greater security and a simpler exchange.

In addition, with Western Union, you can easily transfer Argentine currency using your phone once you’re there, and quickly pick up your money at one of our agent locations.

Where can you withdraw money in Argentina?

You can withdraw money in Argentina at one of the large number of ATMs in major cities. However, withdrawing money isn’t recommended because withdrawals are capped, the rate is quite unfavorable, fees are high and the ATMs often run out of currency.

If you need to withdraw money in Argentina, go to counters inside banks to avoid the risk of theft. If you’re going outside of big cities, plan ahead and withdraw money beforehand, as there may not be ATMs in small towns.

You can also withdraw money at Western Union locations in major Argentine cities and enjoy the best exchange rate.

Finally, as for withdrawals of currency in Brazil or currency in Colombia, let your bank know about your trip so that you can freely use your bank card (for physical or online payments) without risking it being blocked.


What is the Argentine peso exchange rate?

The Argentine peso exchange rate is approximately:

  • 1 euro = 928.6 Argentine pesos,
  • 1 Argentine peso = 0.001 euro

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How can I send money to Argentina?

With Western Union, easily send money to Argentina from France:

  • Online in a few clicks via our website,
  • With our mobile app,
  • In person, by going to an agent location.

Your receiver can get the money in cash, in their account (via their Argentine IBAN) or in their mobile wallet.