How to prove New Brunswick residency without bills

Canada By Serra Pinto Avimlah September 18, 2023

Proof of residency is necessary to do many things in New Brunswick, like applying for a job or getting a new ID. An easy way to prove your residency is to provide utility bills or official documents with your address, but if you’ve just moved to New Brunswick or don’t have any utility bills to show, you’ll have to find alternative methods for proving your residency. Explore the options below for proving your New Brunswick residency so you can move on to the next steps of your application.

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What documents can you use to obtain a New Brunswick ID?

The Government of New Brunswick will accept certain types of documents to prove your residency.[1] By showing at least two different items from the list of acceptable items, you can apply for a New Brunswick Driver’s License or Identification Card.1 Having a driver’s license or ID will make it easier to prove your residency and apply for jobs and schools in your province. Let’s go over some of these documents and where you can find them:

1. Residential lease form

If you are paying rent to a landlord or property management company in New Brunswick, your lease agreement can be an essential document for proving residency. A lease includes your name, the property address, and the duration of your lease, all of which confirm your residency in the province. Just make sure that the lease is filled out and signed by you and your landlord before submitting it as proof.1

If you are a homeowner, you can use your mortgage or land title documents. Your mortgage documents must come from a bank or lawyer’s office, and incomplete documents will not be accepted.1

2. T4 slip

Everyone who is employed in Canada receives a T4 slip from their employer at the beginning of the year. A T4 is a document that shows every payment an employer makes to an employee during a calendar year. T4s are primarily used for filing taxes but they can also prove your New Brunswick residency. Box 10 of a T4 slip lists the province you are employed in, which is enough proof that you reside in New Brunswick. If you can’t access your T4, a letter from your employer or their HR department will suffice as well.1

3. Insurance cards

Any type of home, auto, or employment insurance can be used as proof of residency. Remember that you can only use physical insurance cards and policy statements from the mail.1 Electronic documents, emails, and printed copies of electronic documents will not be accepted.1 Proof of benefits issued by the Government of Canada will also work.1

What other documents can I use to prove my New Brunswick residency?

The Canada Post has their own list of acceptable documents that can be used to prove your residency in Canada. Some of these documents include the following:[2]

  • Delivery Notice Cards from the Canada Post
  • Credit card statements
  • Cheque stubs with your name and address
  • School report cards or transcripts
  • Invoice or receipt from a hotel

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