Haitian Flag Day

Canada By Serra Pinto Avimlah May 17, 2023

Haitian Flag Day is celebrated on May 18th, the anniversary of the date the Haitian flag was first pieced together in 1803. The current Haitian flag is made up of two horizontal bands, blue on top and red below. Red symbolizes the blood and sacrifices made during the Haitian Revolution while blue stands for hope and unity.

Many Haitians feel at home in Canada primarily because of a shared common language as well as a growing Haitian community—over 165,000 as of the 2016 census. The highest concentration of Haitians reside in Quebec, followed by Ontario1. Because of the growing and vibrant Haitian communities, Canada has quite a few options for celebrating.

Where to Celebrate  Haitian Flag Day in Canada

Niagara Falls, in conjunction with the Embassy of Canada, pays tribute by hoisting the Haitian flag on the mast of the town hall, and the falls themselves are illuminated with the colors of the Haitian flag. On May 18th, the falls will be lit in red and blue in honor of Haitian Flag Day, from 10:15 AM until 10:30 PM.

Home to over 138,000 people of Haitian ancestry, Montreal has the third-largest Haitian community in North America and celebrates Haitian Flag Day with events highlighting Afro beats, reggae and kompa music.

Haitians in Edmonton often host an event focusing on Edmonton Haitians. This includes presentations on Haitian history, culture, art and tourism. Traditional and contemporary music, folk dances, and gospel singing follows. Haitian-owned business are often highlighted and recognition given to volunteers in the Haitian community.

Ottawa offers many opportunities to celebrate at Haitian Flag Day events including night clubs with top DJs and plenty of music. Advanced tickets are highly recommended as most events easily sell out. Bring your flags and dress in your best blue, white, and red!

If you’re in Quebec, you can see Les Flying Cedars take on Les Grenadiers d’Haiti in an exhibition hockey game on May 20th.

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