Head to Tasmania – The Cooler Summer Spot in Australia

Australia By Elizabeth Rozas February 3, 2023

While many people want to live in or visit the bigger cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, some opt for Tasmania, an island 240km off the south-east coast of Victoria. Travel in Australia is an extremely varied experience. From the bright lights and iconic buildings to the wilderness of the outback, there’s something for everyone. And if you’re traveling in the heat of the summer, Tasmania is a great choice!

Visiting Tasmania

Tasmania covers a land area of some 68,400m squared, which is approximately 46% the size of Nepal and a mere 0.9% of the land mass of Australia. Visitors to Tasmania are have many activities to keep them occupied. As with the rest of Australia, there’s a significant focus on outdoor living in Tasmania.

Incredible nature

Tasmania is a very beautiful island, with popular attractions including Cradle Mountain, the Overland Track, Dove Lake and the Bay of Fires. In the summer, when the heat of mainland Australia can be oppressive, Tasmania offers a cooler climate, at an average of 21C, in which to enjoy the mountains, lakes and stunning walking trails. The Overland Track crosses Lake St Clair National Park and is walked by around 9,000 people each year [1] but be aware, you’ll need to be a fairly experienced hiker.

One of the best-known walks is a 6km hike around Dove Lake which offers superb views of Cradle Mountain. There are a wide range of tours around Tasmania, from east to west coast, gourmet food tours and wildlife encounters – there really is something for all.

Active life

If you are looking for sports or adventurous pastimes, Tasmania has lots to offer. Play golf at world-class courses and tackle a range of mountain-biking tours. Or you can take in the gorgeous scenery along the Franklin River on a rafting tour. If you are feeling brave, head to Tasman National Park and South Bruny National Park for a spot of hang gliding. Alternatively, check out the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park and watch feeding time for a most unusual experience.

Food & drink

Tasmania has a reputation for excellent wines as the vines thrive in the cooler climate. You can visit vineyards and wineries and sample everything from Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Chardonnay to Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Gris. Being an island, Tasmania has excellent seafood, so be sure to check out some of the many eateries for fresh fish and other seawater delights such as oysters and rock lobster. If you are a whisky fan, you’ll want to visit one of the more than 20 distilleries which use the finest fresh water alongside locally grown barley. Tasmanian whisky has earned a global reputation for some of the best single malts on the planet.

Moving from Nepal to Australia

The immigrant experience in Australia is generally very good with 80% of migrants reporting that they feel welcomed by Australians [2]. The Nepalese community is one of the fastest growing immigrant groups in Australia with a greater than 25-fold increase in population since 2006 [3]. Nepali immigrants to Australia generally come from wealthier and more educated backgrounds and tend to immigrate on skilled worker visas, relocating their family to Australia as well. While most Nepali immigrants to Australia live in North South Wales, a small and growing percentage have made Tasmania their home, particularly Hobart and Launceston.

Tasmania is more cost effective than other parts of Australia with Hobart, the capital, having typically cheaper prices than Sydney for groceries, transport, rent and childcare costs. Purchasing power in Hobart is greater than Sydney as there is only a small difference in average wages in the two cities [4]. However, wages in Hobart are around 20 times greater than in Katmandu [5] which means that there could be surplus funds that you can send home to your family in Nepal. The Western Union money transfer app enables easy transfers, storing personal details for simple repeat payments.  If you need to send money from Nepal to Australia before you immigrate, you can pick up currency at one of our agent locations across Australia.

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