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Frequently Asked Questions Norway

Identification process FAQ


Why does my identity need to be verified by Western Union?

If you want to send more than 8.000 NOK, we will need to verify your identity After that is finished, your send limit will increase to 35.000 NOK per transfer.


How do I verify my identity?

There are two different ways to verify your identity. You can do it online with electronic verification or by mail.

If you choose electronic verification, you will be asked to enter your national ID number, banking ID, or other information needed to verify your identity online. Please have the information ready and follow the instructions on the screen.

If you choose to verify by mail, please make sure the address in your profile is correct. We will send you a letter with further instructions.


How long will it take to verify my identity?

Electronic verification usually can be done immediately. In some cases, we may need more information and it could take longer. If you verify by mail, it will take several days.

After your identification is verified, you’ll receive an email updating your ID status. Log in to check your status in your profile.

If you need to send money before your verification is complete, please visit one of our many Western Union locations.

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