Western Union is all in on its Chatbot

Senders By Emily Larson May 23, 2018

Technology allows us to live increasingly borderless lives. As a result, our customers expect us to utilize this technology to give them more options to move money easily. Western Union’s Chief Customer Officer, Stanley Yung, talks about ways that we continue to innovate to give our customers the experience they deserve.

Chatbots are the most accessible way to leverage artificial intelligence (AI), and Western Union is one of many brands showing how to create powerful, engaging human-to-AI experiences, transforming customer service. Our innovative integration within Messenger enables one of the largest digital-and-physical networks to transfer money’ creating an eco-system of connected convenience.

“I’m looking at ways we can improve our customer care experience, how we can provide more digital self-service tools to our customers, and bots are playing an increasingly important role in driving efficiencies in this category,” says Yung.

The Western Union Messenger bot has been available for about a year now, and it serves just as many customer service functions as well as the ability to transfer money. Through the Facebook Messenger interface, a customer can send money, check the status of a transaction, give feedback, see FAQs, repeat transfers, find physical agent locations, and receive customer care.


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