The Best Wellness Retreats for Every Budget

Getting Around By Jenny Horowitz May 9, 2017

According to the Global Wellness Institute, wellness tourism increased by 10.6 percent globally from 2013-2015, making it one of the fastest growing trends in travel. With companies and individuals making health and wellness a priority, it’s no surprise that more people are using their precious days off to revitalize themselves on wellness retreats. Some employees even try to squeeze a few wellness activities in their business trips.

There are several types of wellness trips, from yoga retreats to spiritual ‘vision quests’ for self-discovery. Here are the best wellness retreats for every budget:

For the Cash-Strapped Student


Recommendation: Spa Weekends & Getaways

Price Range: Starting at $30 a service 

Despite what you might see in luxury travel magazines, inexpensive spa getaways do exist. Sites like Living Social and Groupon make it easy and affordable to plan a spa weekend away or locally if your schedule calls for a staycation.

Spa trips are a great way to de-stress after finals, and there are tons of benefits to visiting the spa that are worth selling your books for. Depending on the treatment, you can encourage better sleep cycles and even improve your acne with skin care consultations.

For the Recent Graduate

girl hiking mountain

Recommendation: Fitness Trips

Price Range: Starting at $70 a night

From student loan debt to snagging your dream job, there’s too much stress on your plate for one Swedish massage to cure.

That’s where fit trips come in. Fitness-based wellness retreats are the perfect way to revitalize the mind and body. Many hotels and resorts offer fitness classes in their gyms, but there are also affordable fit trip packages that focus on bettering one’s self with meditation and exercise.

For the Workaholic

woman on vision quest

Recommendation: Vision Quests

Price Range: $250 to $1,400 for 3-4 days

When most of your time is spent fighting fires, it’s easy to burn out. Vision quests can help you find your center.

In 2009, “vision quests” (commonly referred to as “vision fasts”) emerged as a new trend in wellness tourism. Originating from traditional Native American customs, a vision fast is a path to spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery. The journey involves fasting alone for three to four days in a natural setting, like the wilderness or a desert. The fast is said to impact you physically, psychologically, mentally, and spiritually and leave you feeling empowered, humbled, strengthened, and enlightened.

A vision quest might not be the lap of luxury, but it’s relaxing in a different way. Look for a company that offers preparation techniques and a serene, but secure area to ensure a meaningful yet safe experience.

For the Freelancer


Recommendation: Yoga Ashrams

Price Range: $300 to $3,400 depending on the trip’s duration

Relying on yourself to find each new work assignment can take its toll. Similar to vision quests, a trip to an ashram allows you to disconnect from the outside world and connect with your inner self.

Ashrams are Indian monasteries where residents perform spiritual and physical exercises, like various forms of yoga. Many ashrams offer all-inclusive retreats for guests with daily yoga sessions, meditation halls, massage rooms, and classes on different spiritual practices. Ashram meals are prepared according to Yogic and ayurvdic principles, meaning they are vegetarian and ideal for detoxifying the body.

With some stays lasting as long as three weeks, most ashrams offer Wi-Fi, so you can still take care of business when you need to; ideal for the freelance lifestyle.


For the CEO

wellness_travel_retreatsRecommendation: Lifestyle Retreats

Price Range: starting at $770 for 3 nights

The pressure of running a company can pile on the stress. Think of a lifestyle retreat as a rehab for people who aren’t fighting addiction. A luxurious lifestyle retreat will help you relax as you contemplate life goals and work toward a healthier, happier self. For those who expect only the best, check out this list of the World’s Most Elite Wellness Retreats.