Making Memories: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2022

United States By Christy Lowry May 3, 2022

After spending the last two years in pandemic lockdowns and unable to get together or exchange gifts as we normally would, this Mother’s Day is an opportunity to make up for lost time. So why not make your Mother’s Day 2022 gift an experience she can enjoy and remember forever?

Think of activities your mom enjoys, especially ones she may have had to skip these past two years. You can plan an activity or event you take her to or gift her an experience to do alone, with a friend, her spouse or partner.

If you can’t think of anything yet, we have some ideas for you.

6 Gift Ideas So Your Mom Has a Mother’s Day to Remember


  1. Massage or Day Spa
    Mothers spend most of their years caring for others, so why not give yours time to pamper herself? Set up one massage or once-a-month massages, or plan a day at the spa with whatever treatments she prefers. Facials, body treatments, nail services and more might be just the refreshing break your mom would love.
  2. A Class, Workshop or Lessons
    What are your mom’s interests? What has she wanted to do but always puts off? Maybe she’d love to learn how to make sushi or Indian food. Has she been looking to learn a new sport or activity? If yes, sign her up for yoga class or tennis, golf or even archery lessons. You could take her to a “paint and sip” event or find art workshops she can take that are close to home. If you want to spend a bit more money, look for an outdoor adventure or art or writing retreat in which she could spend a few days or a week away.
  3. Choose Your/Her Own Adventure
    With an experiential gift, the possibilities are nearly endless. If you’re not sure what Mom wants or want to leave the choice up to her, simply fund her Mother’s Day experience instead. Western Union gives you simple, reliable ways to send money to your mother—online or through our mobile app. Plus, she doesn’t have to be tech-savvy to receive it.
  4. Local Winery or Orchard
    Spending a day with your mom at a nearby winery or orchard could be a gift that is good for both of you. These are typically relaxing places to go, plus you come home with treats—a new favorite wine or fresh fruit and veggies grown by local farmers. Check the websites of wineries, farms or orchards near you to see if reservations are needed and if any special events are going on. You don’t have to go on Mother’s Day, but you can pick a date and present the reservation to your mom on Mother’s Day, maybe with a bottle of wine, some flowers, or a related tasty treat.
  5. Concert or Comedy Show
    Are there entertainers or bands your mother loves but has never seen live? Has she ever been to a comedy club? You can take her yourself or get her tickets and even a ride to the show. Events like these leave memories your mom will never forget. Plus, imagine the smile on her face after laughing for a few hours or listening to her favorite singer in person. That sort of reaction to a gift is priceless!
  6. Sporting Event
    Watching a game on TV is one thing—going in person is entirely different and much more exciting. This can even be a group gift. If you all live near each other, the whole family might be able to go to a baseball or soccer game together, and we all know how much our moms love seeing the family all together. If major league tickets cost too much, consider a minor league game. These games are often much more affordable and just as fun.
  7. A Weekend Getaway
    When was the last time you and your mom spent some quality time together—just the two of you? You could go on a short road trip to her favorite town, plan a trip to the beach, go to the mountains, or to a casino or resort in another town or state. You could even spring for plane tickets for her to come visit you.

A Gift for the Far-Away Mom

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