Make International Day of Families 2022 A Day of Action

United States By Christy Lowry May 11, 2022

Since a United Nations resolution in 1993, every year on May 15, the world celebrates the International Day of Families to bring awareness to social, economic and demographic issues affecting families worldwide. This year’s theme, set by the U.N., is “Families and Urbanization,” which is meant to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable and family-friendly urban policies.

As much as different generations of families take care of each other, there is an urgent need in many areas globally for affordable and safe housing, safe school and play environments for kids, and better access to transportation and social protection programs for older adults.


What Can You Do on International Families Day?

On May 15, in honor of this global day of awareness, you can have conversations or do activities with your family, such as:

Spend dedicated time together. Whether enjoying a family dinner, a walk in the park or a community event, International Families Day is a terrific reminder to spend time with those you love. If you have families in other towns or countries, schedule a quick video chat just to check in and catch up.

Find out more about social and economic urbanization issues affecting your area. Contact your local government officials with questions about what they are doing to address issues like affordable housing and more. Learn about community organizations near you that are working on issues that affect the health of your town and your family. It’s great to be informed about what’s going on in your community, plus, they may need volunteers or donations.

Show the kids how you send money to relatives in other countries. Use our mobile app to show how easily you can help someone you love. Take time to stress the value of family and why it’s important that you support each other. Gifting money is just one means of support, so you can talk about other ways to support family members as well—even those within your own home.

Donate to help displaced families who live in refugee camps or housing in your country or another country. UNICEF is on the ground in many countries helping adults and children who had to flee war, violence or other dire circumstances. According to UNHCR (the U.N. Refugee Agency), over 84 million people globally have been forced to flee their homes, and this number does not yet include the 12 million (and growing) who have been forced to flee the war in Ukraine. Many organizations help these refugees and displaced families, and some may even be helping people near you.

Family Comes First

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