How To Easily Pay Bills In Mexico From The U.S.

United States By Stacy Mayhorne July 13, 2022

Caring for family and friends back home can mean paying their household bills on time. With Western Union bill pay, you can pay bills directly in Mexico from the U.S. with ease. By paying direct, you and your loved ones will have confidence the payments will arrive on time. You may not live locally, but your family and friends will know you’re there for them.

Western Union bill pay lets you easily and reliably pay water, electricity, gas, cable, and phone bills, and other recurring or one-time payments from any location. You can pay bills from your bank account, with your debit/credit card or via cash by transferring money through our app, online, or at one of our U.S. locations app. Every time you pay a bill, you can earn points that reduce the cost of future transfer fees.

Whether you’re in the U.S. for an extended period of time or just for a short while, our fast and reliable bill pay lets you take care of bills back home quickly and confidently. It’s simple to get started.


Set Up Western Union® Bill Pay

Begin by setting up your Western Union bill pay account. Your family’s bills—utilities, groceries, credit cards and other services that keep the household running—can all be paid from the same account. You can conveniently choose to pay by using the Western Union® app on your phone, going online, or visiting any of our 59,000 U.S. agent in-store locations. Select the method that’s right for you at the time. Convenience like this means you don’t have to miss a payment no matter what’s going on in your life. It takes just minutes to pay.

How to Pay Bills for Family and Friends in Mexico

  1. Log in, sign up or visit a location.
  2. Provide the name of the business you wish to pay, the account number, and the amount to pay.
  3. When your payment is complete, you’ll receive a receipt and MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) to track your payment.
  4. Your payment will post to your relative’s account.

Participating Billers Make It Simple

Some of Mexico’s most common billers participate with Western Union bill pay, making account set-up easy. These companies include Telmex, Izzi, Sky, Dish and many more.

Earn My WU SM Points on Qualifying Bill Payments

My WU SM Points are reward points you earn from making successful money transfers, including bill pay. Each dollar transferred equals 1 My WU point. You can redeem your My WU Points to enjoy future transfer fee discounts.

  1. Sign Up For Free. Be sure to use your My WU number on every Western Union money transfer.*
  2. Earn Those Points. Every $1 in transfer fee paid on a single qualifying transaction earns you 1 My WU point. The points are added to your profile so you can keep track.
  3. Redeem The Points. Use your My WU points for transfer fee discounts made through Western Union money transfer service and other rewards. You also get the chance to earn bonus points when you use the service to send money often.

See more information on earning WU points when you pay online

So, it’s convenient and rewarding to pay your own bills in Mexico or your loved ones’ bills with Western Union’s bill pay. Set up bill pay easily to save time and know everyone’s getting the support they need each month.