What should be taken into account to send a remittance safely?

Money By LaRepublica May 3, 2022

Peru’s La Republica newspaper writes a new article about the best safety practices when it comes to sending remittances.

The newspaper talked to Claudia Reyes, general manager of Western Union in Peru, who offered up some recommendations to send remittances reliably, avoiding scams and guaranteeing receipt of the money at the point of destination.

La Republica says Reyes indicates that it is “vital to ensure that the remittance sending company is correctly registered with the country’s regulatory government institution.”

Further, they add, it is important to “find out the particularities of sending remittances to the country of destination” as it can vary from country to country.

“It is important to know the commission that will be charged, the time in which the money will be received by the recipient, and the existence of taxes, if any,” they note.

To read the full article in Spanish, follow this link.