In memory of Rep. John Lewis

Regional News By Hikmet Ersek, Western Union CEO July 30, 2020

Today, civil rights leader and U.S. Congressman, John Lewis, was laid to rest in Atlanta.

As we mourn his loss, and reflect on the difference he made in this world, it’s important to honor his strength, learn from his resilience and carry his legacy forward in the fight for racial equality. John stood for the underprivileged and marginalized, and was resolute in his service to those who traveled, what he called, the “very, very long road toward freedom, and justice for all humankind.”

As a company that serves people from all cultures and walks of life, moving money to strengthen families and build communities and economies across the globe, Western Union stands with those who share Representative Lewis’s dream of racial equality for generations to come. We continue to be driven by the nonviolent message he carried so often: Be hopeful, optimistic, and never stop working. The struggle for equality is the struggle of a lifetime and we all must do our part to make a difference.