5 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

United Kingdom By Western Union Jan 4, 2024

5 Perfect Gifts to Give a Loved One On Valentine’s Day

To many people, February is the month of love, and this is mainly down to the celebration of  Valentine’s Day. In most countries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th and typically involves giving gifts and spending time with the ones you love most. In other countries, such as Japan, it is celebrated on two different dates: one where the female gives a gift to the male and one where the male returns the gift to the female a month later.

Though it is celebrated differently around the world, love is always at the centre of any Valentine’s Day celebrations and gifts exchanged around the time. If you’re stuck for Valentine’s Day gift ideas,  then there’s no need to worry, as Western Union’s handy guide has the best gift ideas for Valentine’s Day you can find.


1. A Song or Poem

Some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts don’t cost a penny and this is one of them. Write a poem, a song or a letter that details how much you care about your loved one. It doesn’t have to rhyme or use fancy language, as long as you write from the heart, they will be able to tell how much you care. Some of the most beautiful poems in history were written about love, so try your hand at joining them!


2. Flowers

Flowers are a traditional gift on Valentine’s Day and are the perfect way to express affection for those you love. In many countries around the world, flowers have traditional ties to Valentine’s Day. In Germany, it is common for people to send their loved ones an arrangement of beautiful flowers and in Spain, it is customary for husbands to send their wives a bouquet of roses. If you’re looking for a touching Valentine’s Day gift idea for her or him, then why not find out your loved one’s favourite flower and get them a bouquet?



3. Photo Album

A picture is worth a thousand words, so this Valentine’s Day, why not try to find as many photos of you and a loved one together as you can and arrange them in a unique photo album. Add special notes below each photo, and maybe a drawing or two so you and the one you love can look over the album and reminisce. If you don’t have any photos, a blank photo album and the promise to take more in the years to come should do!


4. A Delicious Meal

Nothing quite says, “I love you,” like a home-cooked meal. Cook their favourite dinner or connect with their parents or grandparents to find out a special family recipe to surprise them with. As long as you don’t forget to add the secret ingredient of love, it will be a Valentine’s Day dinner to remember!


5. The Gift of Money

There is nothing that shows you care like the gift of money, and Western Union is here for all of your money transfer needs. If you’re spending Valentine’s Day away from the ones you love, then Western Union can help close that distance a little bit with money transfers to over 200 countries and territories.

If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea that will make the distance between you and your loved one disappear, then a money transfer with Western Union is your best bet. Simply log in or register for free to get started today, and make Valentine’s Day a bit more special for the one you love most.


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