Empowering next generation leaders

Giving By Emily Larson March 1, 2021

At the Western Union Foundation, we believe in a world where everyone has a chance to succeed, contribute to the global economy, and improve their communities. That is why we partnered with the Techstars Foundation in 2019– whose mission closely aligns with ours – to connect underserved populations to today’s technology-driven global economy through workforce skills training.

To grow and inspire inclusive entrepreneurship around the world, we jointly funded Watson Institute’s Basecamp program, a reimagined model of higher education for next-generation innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Basecamps include intensive entrepreneurship training, mentorship, a master course, and a demo competition. The participants grow as entrepreneurial leaders and gain ongoing access to Watson Institute’s online resources, networks, and mentorship session. With the initial partnership, Watson held two Basecamps in Boulder, Colorado, and Mexico City.

After the success of the first Basecamp, Watson Institute is building upon the impact created by running a second Basecamp in Mexico City, in partnership with the Western Union Foundation and hosted by Technologico de Monterrey, the leading university in Mexico. This second Basecamp is designed to lay the foundation for Watson Institute to launch a sustainable program and impactful partnership with Tec de Monterrey that accelerates the careers and increases access to economic opportunity for next-generation entrepreneurial leaders from across Mexico. This investment will catalyze a long-term, sustainable impact in Mexico.Basecamp participants are 18–25 year-olds entrepreneurial leaders, and represent some of Mexico’s most promising youth with a desire to accelerate impactful and successful careers, tackle significant challenges, and improve the quality of life for others. As part of the Basecamp, Western Union employees globally will engage as mentors, master course teachers, and judges to the participants.

We were recently with Watson in Boulder, Colorado where we met with and were inspired by current students and alumni of the program. From healthcare initiatives to virtual reality advocacy, Watson Institute equips these leaders with the tools needed to create a lasting impact.

Watch their stories to learn how this group of individuals are coming together to make their mark in the world.

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